Harry Kane ataja sababu kubwa kwake kushinda taji la mfungaji bora

Nahodha wa timu ya taifa Uingereza Harry Kane ambaye pia anakipiga na miamba Tottenham Hostspurs ,alionekana kuwa mwenye furaha si haba baada yake kushinda taji la mfungaji bora katika michuano ya kipute cha kombe la duniani kilichoandaliwa nchini Urusi kwa mara ya kwanza.Hata hivyo,mshambulizi huyo matata kwa kiwango kikubwa aliwapongeza wachezaji wenza kwa kile alichokitaja... Continue Reading →



Wanasema wenyewe kwamba iwapo unataka kushamiri katika ulimwengu wa kabumbu,basi lazima ujinoe kote kote.Nasema hivi kwamba lazima uwe na wachezaji ambao wana  tajriba ya kiutu uzima na ambao kwao utategemea kuandikisha matokeo ya kufurahisha macho hata masikio.Basi hali sio tofauti katika kambi ya Emirates maanake ,  klabu ya Arsenal inayoshiriki ligi kuu nchini Uingereza imefanikisha... Continue Reading →

Child Modeling,Advice.

Before investing the time into finding your child an agency and going on castings, first make sure that modeling is something that he is genuinely excited about. Your kid should never feel pressured to model or feel like you will be mad if he decides it’s not something he wants to do. Once you’re certain... Continue Reading →

Styling a Short Short.

Get the right fit. The most important part of wearing any type of clothing is its fitting. However, you should pay extra attention to fit when looking for short shorts.A few common problems you want to avoid: Muffin tops. Make sure your short shorts are wide enough at the waist. They shouldn't pinch your stomach. Sliding off. The... Continue Reading →

Tips For Nude Photography.

Hello Guys. We have a rather sensitive topic today, we'd like to disclaim That The Post's purpose was solely ment for the photography And art value and has no association with any religion or cultural belief, thereafter. Nude Photography is an art, it is subtle yet explicit. These are some of the tips for photographers,enthusiasts... Continue Reading →

Kaltes Wetter Kleider

Hallo gute Leute, heute werde ich darüber sprechen, wie man sich für ein kaltes Wetter anzieht. Während einer kalten Jahreszeiten wie im Winter finden es die meisten von uns ziemlich aufregend, lange oder kurze Spaziergange zu machen. Kaltwetter- Kleider müssen nicht unbedingt kompliziert sein, sie können teuer oder billig sein aber einfach sein.Das erste, was... Continue Reading →

The Three Beggars.

Most people ,I narrate this story to, Ask me who  the Third Beggar was , And I smile and answer, "That's a Good Question." In the bustling Streets of Nairobi, I walk with my Note book, A skinny Youth Hunting for my next story.I cross over the Traffic ladden roads and Head for KenCom bus... Continue Reading →


It's About 7pm ,and we are seated at the shady part of the Club, Where young boys Call "Old men's Tomb" or 'Sponsor's Launge' .. You name it. Unlike the Young men on the dance floor, We sit seemingly motionless,  stirring a cocktail's straw, watching the ember Liquor tremble and swirl in the warming champagne... Continue Reading →

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